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Polish FM Market Size Studies 2019

Data analysis for 2016–2019

Key commercial service providers in the FM industry

The size of the FM market in Poland is a subject frequently deliberated upon in Polish professional circles engaged in this issue for several years now (the first attempts at estimating the industry’s value were made nearly 20 years ago).

However, it was never quite possible to determine its size or estimate its value. It is a behemoth of a task given the expanse of the area of focus and the heterogeneity of the entities that make up the market.

I hope that this publication will be of interest to all those seeking knowledge on the aggregate scale of the facility management industry which accounts for a considerable part of the service sector within Poland’s economy.

This review introduces the findings of the research and analytical work carried out by Zbigniew Mazurek, Vice President of the Polish Facility Management Council. The perseverance of his efforts to identify the size of the FM market in Poland resulted in the first Polish study taking a quantitative approach to the industry. The Council and its entire Management Board are keen to endorse his pursuits in this field by publishing this report and promoting it extensively.

We are certain that this publication will contribute to further integration of the FM industry and lead to a widespread debate as to its future, which is particularly important now in the time of great business uncertainty that has befallen all operators.

The most important conclusions from the report

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